7 March, 2024

Warrack poised for State Championships

The CFA State Championships is next weekend on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17 in Mooroopna, just outside of Shepparton.

By Chris Graetz

Clinton Jonasson, Cody Polack in the Hose and reel Sixers.
Clinton Jonasson, Cody Polack in the Hose and reel Sixers.

Warracknabeal has three teams going across coached by Clinton Jonasson.

The under-14s team consists of Ben Wright, Maddison Bentley, Zander Jonasson and Riley Bish. They have place chances in the following events - 'Striking first disc twice', 'Striking second disc only' and 'Striking first and second disc'.

Two under-17 teams are going across. The first team consists of Cody Polack, Rohan Richards, Ellie Williamson and Hayden Polack.

Their best chances are the '4 coupling in the marshals', 'The Striking first disc twice' and 'Striking second disc only'.

The second team consists of Hayley Bentley, Milly Jonasson, Benjamin Holland and Logan Mansfield. They are a top three chance in 'Second disc striking only'.

There are going to be 40-50 other teams and upwards of 600 competitors. Clinton Jonasson said all teams are heading to the state championships in good form.

"Our under 17s team have top-aged kids and the team has been going well the last couple of weeks in Warrnambool and Warracknabeal," Jonasson said.

"This year the way they are running there is a chance they could do well. The second under-17s team has also been putting in good runs.

"The last three or four years we have come back with placings so to win would be great, but there are a lot of good teams there."

Jonasson said fire brigade running isn't like any other sport.

"One thing with fire brigade running is that you have one chance, compared to some other sports," he said.


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