Warner’s under new Management

Warner’s Service Station has recently changed to operate under new management, with the current partners in the business moving from Sydney to take over the management.

Business partners and fiance’s Dinesh Putta and Rajitha Reddygari came to visit the Dimboola business about a month before they made the move to reside in Dimboola.

Rajitha said, “I was a bit worried about the move, but the people here have been really friendly and welcoming”.  

The couple plan to grow the business and expand the store to offer fresh espresso coffee, sandwiches and a variety of hot food including hot chips and pizza.

Dinesh who has had five years experience working as a manager for a prominent chain of pizza stores said, “if we get really busy we might  do pizza deliveries in the evening as well.”

Dinesh currently does an odd day of casual work in Horsham for one of the supermarket chain stores and has experience in the deli and grocery departments, which he will use to also grow the business by offering a range of extended convenience grocery items to cater to the district and visitors to the town.

The couple are keen to meet the needs of the community and will continue to supply all grades of quality fuel and autogas under the new banner of Endeavour Fuels.

They will also continue to provide all the traditional ranges within the store, such as fishing bait and licences and it is planned for major renovations to commence in the store in the near future Mr Putta said.