Antwerp tops ladder into Christmas break

DIMBOOLA and District Tennis Association continued its close competition as results from the weekend’s round certainly impacted the forever moving ladder.

Friday night started with a one sided affair though, with Dimboola hosting Antwerp.

Antwerp continue to prove they are solid in both their mens and women sections and, together again they were unstoppable in the mixed. Dimboola only able to snag one set.

There was some competitive tennis in the womens section but Dimboola again were only able to come home with one win.

The mens section was dominated by Antwerp, only dropping four games for the section.

Match results: Antwerp 13 sets, 129 games, 5 match points defeated Dimboola 2 sets, 51 games, 0 match points.

The second Friday night game was to be played between Rainbow and Arkona saw Rainbow forfeiting this match elevating Arkona to fifth position and Rainbow fell to sixth.

Jeparit took on Brim at Jeparit on Saturday in what was expected to be a tight tussle. Jeparit has had some close tennis all year, but Brim got the early jump in the mixed winning four sets to one.

Jeparit, short on numbers due to harvest, was no match for the Brim men, convincing winners five sets to nil with numerous three set winners for the day from Brim.

The ladies section was another story, and was a battle all afternoon. Lou Cross and Erin Preston did all they could in the last set of the day winning 9-0 but it wasn’t enough to get Jeparit over the line in this section as Brim won three sets to two but Jeparit winning 30 games to 29.

Match result: Brim 12 sets, 115 games, 5 match points defeated Jeparit 3 sets, 73 games, 0 match points.

The final game of the round was set to be a cracker with first placed Warrack Gold hosting third placed Hopetoun.

Warrack Gold struggled for mens numbers and were thankful to Hopetoun for loaning two players for the day.

The mixed section, which is often the deciding section for these two teams went down to the wire. Warrack Gold sneaking home with three sets to two, but Hopetoun winning 34 to 29 games.

The mens section was dominated by Hopetoun until the last two sets of the day. The last set being played between Tony George and Anthony Schache, filling in for Warrack Gold and Lou White and Taylor Donnan for Hopetoun.

It was a high quality game of tennis, which had spectators very interested, Tony and Anthony got the job done for Warrack Gold 9-7.

The womens section, even though won by Warrack Gold in the end, was a tight tussle between the two sides and some high quality tennis was played. Wendy Hewitt and Carol Morcom were brilliant for the home side winning all three sets.

The end result came down to the wire with Warrack Gold 8 sets, 89 games, 3 match points defeating Hopetoun 7 sets, 108 games, 2 match points.

Tennis now takes it Christmas/holiday break and will resume on January 31.

Ladder after Round 10

Antwerp 38.5, 167.77; Warrack Gold 38, 140.70; Hopetoun 34,  135.16; Brim 23.5, 86.63; Arkona 22, 92.87; Rainbow 21.5, 86.82; Jeparit 11.5,     71.48; Dimboola 11, 71.73.


Warrack Gold v Hopetoun

Mixed: Sarah Spicer, Rikki Nitschke lost to Jacob Holm, Zali Brown 0-9, Tony George (sub), Lauren Kellett d Lou White, Dana Schache 9-5, Dan McKenzie, Wendy Hewitt d Nathan Williams, Courtney Jones 9-4, Dylan Dejong, Carol Morcom d Declan Brown and Nicole McLean 9-7, Anthony Schache (sub), Chris Kellett lost to Taylor Donnan, Mal McLean 2-9.

Men: S. Spicer, A. Schache lost to J. Holm, T. Donnan 4-9, C. Kellett, D. McKenzie lost to M. McLean, N. Williams 1-9, S. Spicer, T. George lost to J. Holm, L. White 4-9, C. Kellett, D. Dejong lost to M. McLean, D. Brown 1-9, T. George, A. Schache d L. White, T. Donnan 9-7, D. McKenzie, D. Dejong d N. Williams. D. Brown 9-6.

Ladies: L. Kellett, W. Hewitt d Z. Brown, C. Jones 9-5, R. Nitschke, C. Morcom d D. Schache, N. McLean 9-8, L. Kellett, R. Nitschke lost to Z. Brown, D. Schache 5-9, W. Hewitt, C. Morcom d C. Jones, N. McLean 9-3.

Dimboola v Antwerp

Mixed: Corey Goss, Jenni Hauselberger lost to Tim Jorgensen, Abbey Greig 5-9, Darren Sexton, Rianna Kuhne lost to Chris Avery, Carly Werner 2-9, Chris Hauselberger, Karen Bridgewater lost to Don Clark, Sonia Avery 2-9 Jeff Cameron, Danni Taylor d Sam Baker, Ant Toet 9-4, Breanna Eldridge, Kate Clark lost to Emily Polack, Heather Jorgensen 5-9.

Men: C. Goss, J. Cameron lost to T. Jorgensen, D. Clark 0-9, D. Sexton, C. Hauselberger lost to C. Avery, S. Baker 1-9, C. Goss, D. Sexton lost to T. Jorgensen, C. Avery 0-9, J. Cameron, C. Hauselberger lost to D. Clark, S. Baker 3-9.
Ladies: J. Hauselberger, B. Eldridge lost to A. Greig, E. Polack 3-9, K. Clark, K. Bridgewater d H. Jorgensen, S. Avery 9-8, J. Hauselberger, R. Kuhne lost to A. Greig, C. Werner 1-9, K. Clark, D. Taylor lost to H. Jorgensen, A. Toet 5-9, R. Kuhne, B. Eldridge lost to C. Werner, E. Polack 4-9, K. Bridgewater, D. Taylor lost to S. Avery A. Toet 3-9.
Jeparit v Brim

Mixed: Liam Preston, Lou Cross lost to Cam Blinman, Amanda Marshman 7-9, Odette Heinrich, Ebony Spokes lost to Lachie Stewart, Casey Quick 1-9, Jake Smith, Mel Butler lost to Lachie Golder, Simone Lindsay 1-9, Tianee Carlin, Erin Preston lost to Steven Murphy, Molly Stewart 5-9, Bryce Day, Montanna Hutson d Matt Golder, Courtney Taylor 9-5.

Men: L. Preston, J. Smith lost to C. Blinman, L. Golder 8-9, T. Carlin, O. Heinrich lost to S. Murphy, M. Golder 4-9, L. Preston, B. Day lost to C. Blinman, L. Stewart 3-9, J. Smith, O. Heinrich lost to L. & M. Golder 5-9, B. Day, T. Carlin lost to L. Stewart, S. Murphy 0-9.

Ladies: E. Spokes, M. Butler lost to A. Marshman, S. Lindsay 6-9, E. Preston, M. Hutson lost to M. Stewart, C. Jones 4-9, E. Spokes, L. Cross d A. Marshman, C. Quick 9-2, M. Butler, M. Hutson lost to S. Lindsay, C. Jones 2-9, L. Cross, E. Preston d C. Quick, M. Stewart 9-0.