Sun shines on spectacular BCG Main Field Day

THE Birchip Cropping Group’s 27th Main Field Day served up spectacular conditions last Wednesday not only with calm sunny weather, but with the impressive trials on site which was shown off to over 350 growers and industry representatives.

The day provided 21 presentations with over 30 speakers, including nine growers.

This demonstrated the wealth of information and the importance of grower to grower learning.

“It was great to see growers and industry attending the day and getting value out of BCG’s major event” says BCG’s Chairman John Ferrier.

“This is one of the best trial sites I’ve seen since BCG has been operating and it was fantastic to be able to share it with a wider audience”.

Hosted by Andrew and Lachlan Barber, 9km west of Birchip, the site was in excellent condition, with last summer’s rainfall providing a great start to the season.
The morning trial tours gave attendees a choice of topics where they were able to inspect the site firsthand, including a soil pit, variety performance and grazing options.

The tours were popular with a high level of interest in the ‘How did it grow? Seeder technology performance in optimising canola establishment’ presentation which many attended to followed up on how the crops have gone since the seeder demo day held in April.

BCG prides itself on the trials that are generated by member’s ideas with signs throughout the site showing them off.

The members Herbicide Matrix trial set the scene for ‘Solving the muck and mystery of adjuvants’. Andrew Somervaille from Jubilee Consulting said “they are not one-size fits all, adjuvants work differently with different chemicals”.   

After a chance to mingle with growers from across the Wimmera and Mallee at lunch, the crowd filled the marquee to hear a series of short presentations.
Adrian Roles of JMAJ Precision and Cameron Taylor of BCG presented on precision agriculture.

They both agreed that spatial record keeping is key to precision agriculture and profitability.

Growers have already had an opportunity to attend a series of AgTIDE workshops with Adrian and Cameron and will be able to do so again in the future.
The final presentation ‘Top Tips for Canola Profitability’ enlightened attendees on what sowing times are suitable to maximise profitability, this was based on research over several years using various locations and a mixture of varieties.

John Kirkegaard from CSIRO stated that “30 degree-days after the start of flowering will cause the biggest impact on yield if a big stress occurs”, this includes things like heat and frost.

One attendee said, “the information provided, networking and discussion opportunities were the highlights of my day”.
BCG would like to thank the presenters who shared their expertise and the funding bodies for supporting the research.