Research to inform 2020 sowing program

The revered BCG Trials Review Day was held last Friday at the Birchip Leisure Centre.

More than 160 farmers and advisors from across the Wimmera Mallee attended the timely event which extended the latest research, technology and decision-making tools to help attendees make informed decisions leading into this year’s sowing program.

Attendees were presented with a broad range of topics including seeder setup and plant establishment, grazing standing crops for finishing lambs, grain variety performance and management, aerial blackleg management, innovative nitrogen systems and the all-important soil moisture update from Agriculture Victoria’s Dale Boyd.

Rupanyup grower Ash Teasdale and Lubeck’s Charlie Taylor’s Harvest Weed Seed Control farmer-led session started the day.

With Ash and Charlie being early adopters of the technology in the Wimmera Mallee, both were able to give attendees a clear insight from a grower’s point of view, of how Seed

Terminator and iHSD performed last harvest.

BCG CEO Fiona Best said the session was well received saying, “growers always like to hear from other growers, this presentation was no different. Charlie and Ash were open in what worked, what didn’t and how they hoped to overcome those challenges using the Seed Terminator and iHSD going forward.

“BCG is passionate about providing farmers with the tools and knowledge to continually improve their farm management practices as required to remain profitable and sustainable into the future.”

“BCG is a unique organisation, started by farmers for farmers and we believe the breadth of knowledge our members possess is invaluable.”

“Farmer-led sessions like Harvest Weed Seed Control is just one of the ways BCG is tapping into the extensive knowledge of our members in order to help farmers make decisions, develop risk management strategies, increase profits and operate sustainable farming operations,” Ms Best said.

The member only event is a culmination of a year’s work of trials and research results brought together in an event for growers and advisers to readily apply on farm.

It is also a celebration, not only for the BCG team, but also for its members and sponsors to come together, share ideas and enjoy living together in a rural community where innovation and farming go hand-in-hand to support the broader picture.