Outdoor furniture saved from landfill

WHILE the Dimboola Men’s Shed is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the group has still been able to complete a restoration project and transform outdoor chairs that was destined for the tip.
Project manager and treasurer of the Men’s Shed, Max Strauss, said old outdoor furniture was going to be thrown away during the clean up of a property that had been sold as the owner had passed away.
“When they were cleaning up they were going to throw it at the tip,” he said.
“I thought, I reckon we can repair that and rejuvenate it.”
After 10 hours of work was put in, to replace the timber, repair the metal fixtures and repaint the pieces, the furniture looks like new.
It was a great project for the Men’s Shed particularly as the social side of the club has not been able to take place under stage three restrictions.
Mr Strauss said members were keen to get back to shed, not only to get started on more projects but to have the chance to catch up with each other.
He said members were missing the social side of things.
“That’s part of the Men’s Shed.”
He said, “Everyone is pretty sick of it (the restrictions), but you’ve got to do it.”

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