Gone in a flash: property sells in two days

A HOUSE on Hindmarsh Street in Dimboola was only on the market for two days before it was snapped up.
Garry Price said the amount of time properties are being listed for in Dimboola has been decreasing, but a 48 hour turnaround is incredibly fast.
“I listed on Friday, and I had it sold by Saturday and all signed up by Monday,” he said.
“Out in Dimboola that’s pretty quick.”
Lisa and Billy Pervoe are the new owners of the house and are glad to have found the new home for them, their one-year-old son Matheus and their two dogs.
They have been looking for a while but found that properties that met their criteria were being sold too quickly for them to get an offer in.
They moved to Dimboola about five months ago for a lifestyle change and to be closer to family who already live here.
“It’s just been the best thing ever,” Mrs Pervoe said.
“I think it’s a good place to bring up a child.”
She said her and her husband felt like they were lucky to have made the move from Melbourne months ago as more and more people are beginning to view rural and regional towns as a better option to live than in the city.
They were looking to rent when they first moved but found that the property prices meant that mortgage repayments would be cheaper than rent.
“What’s the point in paying rent?” said Mrs Pervoe.

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