Letter to the editor: Retirement from Hindmarsh Shire Council

Dear Editor,

Retirement from Hindmarsh Shire Council

As the current Council term comes to an end, I want to write and acknowledge the work

that Hindmarsh Shire Council has undertaken in recent years to improve the amenity of

Dimboola. A lot of work has been undertaken to improve the infrastructure of our town and

I appreciate the support my fellow councillors have provided to make that happen.

A number of relatively large works still need to be undertaken before the town reaches a

suitable standard. Completion of a number of streets, kerb and channel and footpath in the

central town grid should be a priority, as should be the replacement of the change-rooms

and pavilion in the Dimboola Recreation Reserve. The challenge for the community is to

maintain pressure on Council to ensure that these significant works are prioritised and

funded, sooner rather than later, because the creation of a more desirable environment is

what will motivate people to live and visit here.

Soon the community will have the opportunity to elect a new Council. Dimboola will be

best served by electing representatives with a passion for our community, but who can also

work co-operatively and in a balanced way with their fellow councillors.

I am retiring from Council at this year’s election. I thank the people of Dimboola and District

for the privilege of representing you over the last eight years. No doubt I have failed people

at some stage, but please know that I have always endeavoured to do my best for you given

the constraints that time, energy and other commitments often present.

In the event that Cr Nelson decides to re-nominate for election, I encourage you to give her

the opportunity to continue serving the East Ward. She is a passionate advocate for

Dimboola and for fair and reasonable Council decisions and outcomes. I particularly want to

acknowledge the commitment and dedication shown by Cr Nelson, and Cr Wendy Robins in

the previous term, given the challenges of working within a male dominated council. The

election presents an opportunity for all motivated women, and young people, to nominate

for election and potentially be a part of, and shape, a more contemporary and

representative Hindmarsh Shire Council.

I look forward to the results of the election and congratulate all candidates on their

preparedness to stand up and represent their community. I expect you will find it a nervous

and exciting thing to do, but if you are fortunate to be elected, be encouraged to know that

you will mostly find it a rewarding and gratifying honour.

Yours sincerely

Cr Tony Schneider