Wayside Stop Break in

On Boxing Day, when volunteers turned up to ‘man’ the Driver Reviver wayside stop at Lochiel, they were confronted with the task to clean up after the premises had been broken into, ransacked and goods stolen.
Victoria Police attended the crime scene and collected items to be checked for fingerprints.
Leading Senior Constable Cal Myers said, “there are high volumes of traffic passing by the site and unfortunately such locked buildings in isolated areas are often targeted. Entry was gained through the roller door over the counter.”
The thieves stole various food items including icy poles and ice creams, Christmas cake, cans of soft drink, and a large amount of lollipops.

Handmade soap donated by Dinyarrack Sheep Dairy and the Good Friday Appeal collection tin were also stolen.

Dimboola East Hospital Auxiliary member Judy Crouch said, “when I went out there and saw the damage that had been caused I was shocked. It was a despicable crime, for so little to gain, because there is no money on the premises, except for the appeal tin that didn’t have much more than a few coins in it.

"It’s extremely disappointing for all the volunteers that work so hard to raise funds for the hospital.”

Police have no leads on the crime at the present time, but would appreciated any information that may assist with identifying the culprits.