DMSC Year 12 graduates

Secondary school education has finished for 22 students from the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College (DMSC), who graduated through Year 12 this month.

DMSC principal Anne Gawith said, “we are really proud of all of our students and their accomplishments.”

“Our VCE students will be able to access the tertiary courses of their choice and our VCAL graduates have plans in place for further training/apprenticeships and employment.”     DMSC VCE results were again above state averages in all areas - and well above state in English and maths. DMSC’s average ATAR was 74 - the State was 67.”

School Captain Rebekah Albrecht said, “I’m planning on going to university down in Melbourne next year. It’ll definitely be a new experience leaving such a close-knit and supportive community, but I’m looking forward to the change.”

“I’m sure it’ll give me a new perspective on life in the country too,” Miss Albrecht said.